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Towel Throw Hoppy Citrus Sour 5.0% 440ml

Crafted with the finesse of a seasoned pro, this natural kettle soured beer delivers a punch of tangy zestiness that will leave your taste buds reeling. In the corner, Kohatu and Riwaka hops lace up their gloves, ready to deliver a subtle yet impactful hoppy aroma with each sip. The blend of lemon and lime, along with a citrus zest, adds a refreshing twist that dances gracefully with precise footwork around your palate. With Towel Throw, every sip is like a skillfully executed jab, followed by a satisfying hook of hoppy delight. So, grab a can or pint,throw in the towel on ordinary beer, and join the ranks of flavour champions with Southpaw Brewing Company's Towel Throw!